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My family has been taking flourish for just about a year now and we love it. I have noticed less bloating and stomach issues since. My 3 year old also was having issues and is no longer complaining of his stomach hurting, his reflux is under control and he is more regular/normal.
I started taking flourish about six months ago and then stopped after about four months. I noticed my bowel movements weren't as normal so I decided to start taking it again. Now I know for sure it works!
My 9-year-old daughter was in excruciating belly pain a couple months ago, and I was in need of something to help her. So I asked a friend of mine on Facebook if she knew of anything that could help. She told me that her family was taking flourish Probiotic, and referred me to a local Consultant. My Consultant recommended flourish Junior, and since then, my daughter has taken it regularly. Not only is it for constipation issues, I was also told it was good for my family's overall health! I have now started taking flourish myself! I would recommend flourish Probiotic to anyone that wants to keep their family healthy! Thanks entegro!! :)
We are convinced our middle child, our 3-year-old daughter, was exposed to high amounts of pesticides/herbicides this spring from lawn treatments in our neighborhood. She collapsed in May due to a tumor on her lungs/airway. If you look into the link between these things and Non hodgkins Lymphoma, there's a lot of evidence/studies done there. Her diagnosis was non hodgkins t cell lymphoblastic lymphoma. Some people can handle these things, but we learned she also has a MTHFR gene which makes detoxing a little more difficult for her and I believe her system was overwhelmed due to this. Knowing this has empowered us toward supporting her with even more intentional lifestyle medicine like low carb eating, detox baths, specific supplements, continuing with essential oils, beginning to use a infrared sauna, etc. With five days of chemo and a lot of prayer, the tumor was gone. After 28 days, God gave us full remission of cancer in her body. They have her on chemo for the next two years to "keep the cancer away" and at the end of treatment if no cancer is found, they will call her CURED. We already call her CURED and she reminds me she no longer has cancer, just chemo, almost every day. We believe Jesus did a miracle, (because according to the doctors her response is remarkable) that the cancer will never return and are grateful. The past five months we have stepped up to make our home an even more healing environment for everyone. We are of the opinion it's silly to think you will continue to get well in the exact same environment you became ill in. We have felt that among the plethora of things we are giving her, it was also flourish that has helped keep her infection free during the times that her White blood cell count has been critically low. We are doing a lot to support her immune system but that's one thing we've felt was key. She has never contracted any bacterial infections while she's been on chemo. It is pretty amazing.
I bought flourish after a friend told me about it and I'm so glad I did. My three-year-old has constipation issues and was taking Miralax. I wanted something natural for him and probiotics in pill form did not help. I've been giving him flourish for less than a week and he's pooped daily without Miralax, which has never happened before😊. I have also been taking it! I have IBS, and I've noticed a difference in just days of taking flourish. I'm hooked and will continue with this wonderful probiotic.
With any new product, such as flourish, I have to start small. Starting out with a teaspoon (a third of the dosage) worked out well because within two days my problems with constipation vanished. What a wonderful surprise!!! I have been on a full dosage for some time now. There is a second blessing. Canker sores are a real problem for me in the summer. I happened to mention it to my daughter and she immediately suggested that every time I take flourish I should swish it around in my mouth. It worked. They were reduced at least by 95 percent!!!

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