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I have Crohn's Disease along with IBS and have not taken pharmaceutical medications for a LONG time because of its ineffectiveness. I was taking 6 Crohn's meds and 12 steroids PER DAY when I was first diagnosed. Desperate for any kind of relief and a solution, I started taking flourish about a year ago and have never looked back since. It has helped my auto-immune disease in so many ways I can hardly describe it in words. There was a time when I ran out of my 'magic juice' and getting through the day became very hard and my health deteriorated immediately; that was the moment when I knew I could NOT go without flourish and how much it benefits me and my personal health. I recently have had the opportunity to share my story of flourish to a group of doctors and specialists at The Mayo Clinic in Rochester and they are amazed the benefits it has given me with no added pharmaceuticals. Not only has flourish helped my Crohn's disease; it has also had a large impact on my immune system as a whole, my underactive thyroid that is now a NORMAL thyroid, and my overall physical appearance (skin, hair, etc). When you feel good, you will smile more which makes you LOOK GOOD too! Thanks so much and PTL to that special person who introduced me to this 'magic juice', it has been a true life changer for me!!!

I have tried several different probiotics and nothing has worked as well as flourish. I love it. I suffer from IBS and this has really helped with regular, healthy, bowel movements. Anyone who has IBS knows we get excited for healthy, normal bowel movements! So glad I stopped at your booth at Expo for Her :) Best, Anita 

I have been taking flourish for approximately six months. My local chiropractor introduced me to the product. I love it! I have noticed an improved difference in digestive issues, irregularities and less bloating.
My 20-month son has taken flourish regularly since he was 16 months old. Prior to taking flourish daily, my son was terribly ill for 9 weeks straight. It was one sickness after another and we couldn’t seem to get a break. He had several ear infections, strep throat, influenza B, stomach flu, and hospitalized with RSV and pneumonia all within a 9-week period. He was on several antibiotics with the various bacterial infections and those antibiotics destroyed his good bacteria. After week 9, I was desperate to find a way to turn his immune system around and make it stronger. My chiropractor recommended flourish to me to help restore all the good bacteria in his gut and to help make his immune system stronger. Since starting, we have had very few doctor visits that I can think of and my son to seems to fight off colds so much quicker. We will continue to make sure we get our daily dose every day!
I couldn't have met my Consultant at a better time! I was struggling with urinary tract, bladder, and kidney infections every couple months. I had previously taken a capsule probiotic but wasn't noticing a difference. I started on my first bottle and I haven't had a single UTI since. My allergies have also improved and I haven't gotten sick with a cold or flu like the rest of my co-workers! I'm very grateful for flourish and the benefits it's provides me!
I am on my 4th bottle (I share with my daughter) and I am in love with this product for both of us. I have had digestive issues for many years after I had my gall bladder removed and flourish has helped me not have to run to the bathroom after every time I eat. While on the other hand, my daughter has had constipation issues since the day she was born, 11 years ago, and she tells me this has helped her a lot. I have tried the other popular probiotics out there which were way more expensive and did not help at all. I am a flourish believer for life and I am so glad I found this product for both my daughter and myself!

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