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In a little over two weeks of taking flourish, I have noticed improvements in: 1. Cravings. I have zero physical sugar cravings whatsoever. 2. Energy. I needed to nap every single day right around 3-4pm. It wasn’t like I was choosing to take a nap, it was as if my entire body turned to lead and I had to lie down and sleep. 3. Moods. My moods are even and I find myself feeling happier overall. 4. Sleep. I am sleeping soundly through the night and only needing 6-7 hours to feel well rested, opposed to needing to sleep 8-9 hours and then even waking up still feeling groggy, exhausted, and wishing for more rest. 5. Anxiety/Anger. The reason I am lumping these two into one category is because often times my anger actually stems from anxiety. Typically, before flourish, if I encountered something that would trigger my anxiety, I would go from 0-60 within seconds. Now I am surprising myself with the lack of reaction I am having to the things that would typically anger/create feelings of anxiety in me. 6. Skin. My skin has been more clear and hydrated than ever. 7. Intuition. The reason I list this is because my mind is quieter, therefore it’s been easier to hear my inner voice. 8. Focus and Drive. I always have so much on my to-do list that I need and want to complete and in the past, I would find myself mentally exhausted before I even began to tackle said projects. Since taking flourish, I am able to accomplish much more in shorter periods of time without feeling overwhelmed and/or the desire to quit. 9. Weight loss. Since I haven’t been craving sugar, I haven’t been eating sugar. I haven’t stepped on a scale but I can tell you that my clothes are looser and fitting more comfortably. 10. Allergy Disappeared: For 6 years, I have been getting my brows waxed regularly. They have never changed their product line, but about 6 months ago, I began reacting by getting hives anywhere the wax touched my skin. I just got my brows done on Tuesday and ZERO reaction!! This is huge guys! 11. Inner peace. All of these improvements in my life have completely increased my inner peace, and for me, that is priceless. I have tried #AllTheThings in the past to treat these issues individually. I would see improvement here and there, but nothing that worked this quickly. Even with improvements, the results never actually stuck and lasted this long. And there has certainly never been a product that has ever taken care of everything listed above. To sum it up - I finally feel like myself! Thank you, entegro, for giving me my life back! 
I have used flourish for just over one month now and I'm loving the changes I'm noticing in my body. I have less fatigue at the end of the day, I'm sleeping better, and my stomach is more settled with less bloating. My kids also like taking their "tummy juice" every day.
My family started a journey to better health and away from big pharma about six months ago. My youngest child has a weak immune system and has been on way more than his fair share of antibiotics in his short 16 months. I was so excited to find flourish because I’ve always been a huge supporter of a probiotic regimen but found the OTC powders for children to be useless. Since introducing flourish to my kids not only are they healthier, their sleep patterns have improved, my once picky eater is now a bottomless pit, and his newest favorite food is baby spinach. After seeing the improvements in the kids, I joined in and added flourish to my daily routine. I've tried a lot of probiotics - but this one is special. I've noticed a huge change in my skin, as well as regularity in my digistive system. My favorite perk... less bloat!!! Overall flourish is changing our household in amazing ways!!!
I’m a nurse practitioner, and a sufferer of gastrointestinal esophageal reflux disease. I’ve always been a fan of probiotics. I have taken lactobacillus, and brewed my own kombucha, to help keep my gut happy and healthy. I would often prescribe lactobacillus to my patients as well. However, I started doing my research, and it turns out lactobacillus has very little impact as a powdered probiotic, with very few studies showing a benefit (such as when taking it concurrently with an antibiotic to avoid yeast or c. difficile infection). This perplexed me! I wondered “Why am I taking and prescribing this when it’s not proven to do ANYTHING?!” I heard about flourish from a fellow provider and friend, and it all made sense. The microorganisms that I was consuming had been killed first - no wonder they didn’t work! And in the case of the kombucha I was making, they simply weren’t concentrated enough. I purchased flourish wondering if it would make a difference in my gut health, and in just two days with two doses per day, it has! My bowels are more regular, and my acid reflux has improved in just two days. I’m happy to report it doesn’t taste bad, either! I can’t wait to see how this effects my everyday life and energy levels.
I have only been taking flourish for about 11 days and I can tell the difference. I used to dread going to the restroom because of constipation. Since I’m taking flourish, I am not dreading it anymore. My husband is taking it also and he can tell the difference. I have needed this in my life for many years. I would recommend it to others!
I was diagnosed with an auto immune disorder after I had my 2nd child. 5 years later, I have been battling flare ups and so many issues with my gut. I found flourish through a friend after searching for something to help heal the damage in my intestines. I started taking it a month ago and I'm almost finished with my first bottle. I am noticing a huge change in my pain and bloating, and I also notice that I feel more satiated after a meal. I take less trips to the bathroom and feel more energized. I know I have a lot of damage to heal and a huge imbalance in bacteria in my gut from all my symptoms. I can't wait to get my next bottle and continue the journey of recovery!

We are a collaboration of talents, including: a biochemist, a microbiologist, an international business entrepreneur/marketer, and a doctor of pharmacy, as well as experienced business owners/builders, investors, and business coaches.