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I had been taking another (more expensive) probiotic for several months when my cousin told me about flourish. She asked me if I would be willing to try it for a month. With nothing to lose, I agreed. For years I had loose stool intermittently and have always been gassy. I thought it was normal. Within days I began feeling less gassy and my stool is now solid, all the time! I have also experienced more energy and my carb cravings have decreased. My blotchy skin is starting to clear up. I will continue to take this amazing product!
Over the years, my five daughters and I have experienced different gut issues. We placed a wonderful whole fruit & vegetable supplement and good quality omega into our daily life routine, but still experienced digestion, neurological sensory and eczema issues. By adding flourish into our daily routine this year, my digestion & overall bodily recovery from my sixth C-section was smooth and my energy and strength quickly returned, my 12 year old did not experience any eczema at all this year during the early spring and fall season, the first time since infancy and my 8 year old has been able to slow, focus, and rest her body for much longer time periods than before. I have recommended this to several older and young people who have all different health needs and all of them have experienced such a delight of energy and healing. THANK YOU!
I started using flourish when I began learning about holistic health. I learned that our gut is the first thing we should focus on to start getting healthy. It only took a week of taking flourish to see an increase of energy! What I didn't know would happen, is that flourish would soothe the eczema behind my ears. I went to the dermatologist and she gave me a cream that I was taking for almost a month before I started taking flourish. The cream helped a little, but my eczema would always come back. Once I started taking flourish, I could see the difference right away that it was helping, so I stopped using my cream my dermatologist prescribed me. My eczema is now gone! I am never going to stop taking flourish! It's now a part of my daily routine.
I'm currently fight breast cancer, and I love that I can take all-natural flourish and know that I am supporting my gut health and immune system during this very trying time. It has also helped me to feel less achy. Thank you for this great product!
I have been taking flourish Junior for a little over a month. I am also 3 months pregnant. I was worried about taking a full Tablespoon so I started off with half that. I'm now up to 1 Tablespoon a day. At one point, I was given antibiotics which then caused an over growth of yeast. I started talking flourish Junior twice a day and within a few days everything was back to normal. I have better energy, less brain fog & overall I feel so amazing!
I have been taking flourish for 6 weeks. This product has helped me with joint pain and being irregular. I no longer feel bloated and now am regular again!

We are a collaboration of talents, including: a biochemist, a microbiologist, an international business entrepreneur/marketer, and a doctor of pharmacy, as well as experienced business owners/builders, investors, and business coaches.