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I'm currently fight breast cancer, and I love that I can take all-natural flourish and know that I am supporting my gut health and immune system during this very trying time. It has also helped me to feel less achy. Thank you for this great product!
I have been taking flourish Junior for a little over a month. I am also 3 months pregnant. I was worried about taking a full Tablespoon so I started off with half that. I'm now up to 1 Tablespoon a day. At one point, I was given antibiotics which then caused an over growth of yeast. I started talking flourish Junior twice a day and within a few days everything was back to normal. I have better energy, less brain fog & overall I feel so amazing!
I have been taking flourish for 6 weeks. This product has helped me with joint pain and being irregular. I no longer feel bloated and now am regular again!
After having my first child I had pretty severe post-partum anxiety. I ended up seeing a counselor who mentioned they had started doing studies on probiotics and depression/anxiety. After becoming pregnant with my second baby, I knew I needed to get on a probiotic to help with anxiety and also to prevent thrush while breastfeeding. I have noticed a significant difference with my anxiety when I take flourish. I can tell if there is a day I forget to take it because it really does have an affect on my mood. I will continue to take this as it beats a non-natural remedy for anxiety.
I am 75 years old and have been on everything you can imagine and flourish is by far the best and only thing I will ever put in my body ever again for a probiotic. I am in LOVE!!! I am regular, have more energy, and sleep better at night!!! Thank you entegro!!! Life long customer and will refer all!!
I had been using another brand probiotic consistently for a full year before trying flourish. My initial reason for starting a probiotic was to help heal my eczema, which had become chronic after giving birth the my son. The encapsulated probiotics I had been taking did help me from time to time, but with only a 2-70% survival rate, it depended on the batch I got. Once the cold winter hit, it just wasn't enough, and my eczema was again in full force. After reading about flourish I decided to give it a shot. After only one dose, my eczema went away, and a month later, it is still gone. Never before flourish have I experienced such quick and consistent results! I feel like I have finally found a probiotic to live up to all the research I've read.

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