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After having my first child I had pretty severe post-partum anxiety. I ended up seeing a counselor who mentioned they had started doing studies on probiotics and depression/anxiety. After becoming pregnant with my second baby, I knew I needed to get on a probiotic to help with anxiety and also to prevent thrush while breastfeeding. I have noticed a significant difference with my anxiety when I take flourish. I can tell if there is a day I forget to take it because it really does have an affect on my mood. I will continue to take this as it beats a non-natural remedy for anxiety.
I am 75 years old and have been on everything you can imagine and flourish is by far the best and only thing I will ever put in my body ever again for a probiotic. I am in LOVE!!! I am regular, have more energy, and sleep better at night!!! Thank you entegro!!! Life long customer and will refer all!!
I had been using another brand probiotic consistently for a full year before trying flourish. My initial reason for starting a probiotic was to help heal my eczema, which had become chronic after giving birth the my son. The encapsulated probiotics I had been taking did help me from time to time, but with only a 2-70% survival rate, it depended on the batch I got. Once the cold winter hit, it just wasn't enough, and my eczema was again in full force. After reading about flourish I decided to give it a shot. After only one dose, my eczema went away, and a month later, it is still gone. Never before flourish have I experienced such quick and consistent results! I feel like I have finally found a probiotic to live up to all the research I've read.
Here it is mid-January, still no cold, flu, sinus infection or strep throat, which was increasing in embarrassing regularity. The only thing I’ve changed in my diet is adding on flourish shots, starting in late October. I take 1.5 Tablespoons every morning. At first I cringed at the taste, but now I really think I like the taste for some reason!! My body seems to look forward to the shots, now. So far so good!
I started taking flourish 31 days ago. My sister and several friends had been posting a lot about it, so I decided to give a try. I am also 3 months pregnant. The first few weeks of pregnancy, I was constipated. A few days after starting flourish, I started to become regular and still am! It also seemed to help with bloating and my stomach feeling yucky! I am so thankful I started this and I know more results will be coming as I continue to use flourish!
My story is complicated and simple at the same time. I was not feeling like myself due to some health issues. My friend of 30+ years was listening to my many woes, as she often does, one evening. She offered to send me a bottle of flourish to try. I was skeptical. I have been taking it faithfully for 3 weeks now. I can tell you the difference is significant. My stomach is "quieter", sugar cravings are lessened, and I feel like I am sleeping better. Thank you for making this product. I just feel better.

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