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I've been using flourish for about 2 months now. Since I've begun, I've noticed a HUGE decrease in my food sensitivities. I usually eat gluten-free, corn-light, and vegan (by personal choice). Last night, I went out to eat with my husband for probably the first time in at least 2 years, and I actually ate normal food. Gluten-filled, corn heavy. And I am totally fine today (minus some light bloating). This is huge. If I had done this 3 months ago I'd be an absolute mess today. Rashes, bloating so painful its hard to even bend and I'd look like I was 8 months pregnant. I am feeling good today. I don't plan to make this a regular practice or anything, but just the fact that I was able to go out and have a normal dinner last night was huge. HUGE. 💗
I’ve been taking flourish for close to a month & I am AMAZED at what a difference I’ve noticed! Not only am I feeling amazing, I have more energy! I have the energy to work out & push for a healthier me! I’ve also noticed clearer skin and less breakouts and it’s helped increase my water intake. While taking flourish I came down with a cold. A cold for me usually lasts a week or so. 3 days tops and I was back to my normal self! I’m so thankful I gave it a shot. I hate that I’ve been so hesitant because it’s been a life changing addition to my life!
So pleasantly surprised by this product! As a person who had been "regular" my entire adult life (except when traveling... ugh) it has been a challenge for me, since starting the Dubrow Diet which is based on intermittent fasting. The diet has been wonderful, as I got to my goal weight in 6 months. Not so wonderful, in that my regularity has been totally off. I have taken powder and pill form probiotics in the past, but have been told by numerous people that they don't really do much. So when it was suggested to me to try this "live" culture product, I decided to give it a try. I have now been consistently using flourish for almost 3 weeks, and I am happy to say that my regularity is back on track! What a fantastic product!!!!
I started taking flourish alongside a natural allergy pill to attempt to combat life-long post nasal drip and congestion. I was also hopeful (yet skeptical) that I might be able to eat dairy again, which I am allergic to, as well as being lactose intolerant. Within a couple of weeks I had no congestion, no throat issues, and I was able to eat foods that would have previously triggered an allergic reaction (congestion, slight swelling of my throat, foggy/tired brain, pressure in ears). I ran out of flourish and stopped taking it, while continuing the allergy pill, and all my symptoms came back. I only took flourish for one month and saw major improvements!
My history includes Celiac disease and chronic gut issues post gallbladder removal. I had been taking a bile binding cholesterol medicine for about two years to help with my chronic/spastic diarrhea. I ordered flourish and have been taking a Tablespoon every day for about a month. After the first week, I stopped taking the cholesterol medicine with excellent results with the flourish alone! I also have been able to tolerate high histamine and nightshade foods without my usual eczema reactions. This product has made a significant difference in my daily life.
My husband has had problems with a bad sinus odor for a long time. Antibiotics didn't help and a visit to the ENT where they did a scope didn't show anything. We heard about flourish and decided to give it a try. By the end of using the first bottle, the odor was completely gone! He used it for a few months and never had the odor again. We recently went on a two week vacation out of the country and didn't bring our bottle along. After returning, he began to have the odor again and we promptly started taking it again! Now I know it was working for him!

We are a collaboration of talents, including: a biochemist, a microbiologist, an international business entrepreneur/marketer, and a doctor of pharmacy, as well as experienced business owners/builders, investors, and business coaches.