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My kids and I have been taking flourish and rocking this winter. We ran out for THREE DAYS, didn’t plan shipping well, and we all got sick! So lame. This stuff is awesome I always want to have it on hand!
Within days of starting my 12 month old on flourish Junior, her poopy diapers became more regular (one every day) and the cradle cap that had been on her scalp since birth started to dry up and flake off. Amazing!
I have to say, I can feel the difference when I don't take flourish. While away, I didn't take it daily for several days, and I again became bloated and constipated. I know now that in order to have comfort I HAVE to make this a good daily habit. This stuff really works for me. Thank you.
After my second bottle of flourish, I will never take any other probiotic again. I am now regular again with no more bloating or gas. I also like the fact that it is not required to be refrigerated. I travel for my job and I bring my bottle with me. I can’t leave home without it. It is by far the best probiotic ever!!!
I have been using flourish on a daily basis since January 2019 and haven’t felt bloated since! In only one short month I feel so much better!
I have been giving my 4 year old son flourish for the past month, and I'm noticing beautiful improvements in him as a result. He is going to the bathroom more consistently, and his overall health seems to be improving. I will definitely be getting more.

We are a collaboration of talents, including: a biochemist, a microbiologist, an international business entrepreneur/marketer, and a doctor of pharmacy, as well as experienced business owners/builders, investors, and business coaches.